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      Multi-Functional Step Board
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      • Multi-Functional Step Board

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      • This Step Not Only Offers Traditional Step-Up Exercises, But Also Is Designed For Upper And Lower Body Stretching Exercises In Elevated Or Slanted Positions. Versatile For Your Personal Needs, This Product Can Double-Serve As A Balance Board And Balances Push-Up Posture.
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      3 in 1 Aerobic Step Board
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      • 3 in 1 Aerobic Step Board

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      • This is designed to help in the activities that promote body fitness and healthy living. For indoor/outdoor use, positive fitness results are guaranteed with or without supervision from a fitness trainer. Also recommended for professional and non-professional athletes alike
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      Exercise Wheel with Brake
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      • Exercise Wheel with Brake

      • 25,000.00
      • The Double Wheel Exerciser Features Two Non-Skid Wheels Welded To A Handle. This Design Grants Extra Safety And Stability, Compared To Balancing On One-Wheel Exercisers.The Anti-Slip Grips Are Made Of High Quality Rubber Which Ensures The Sturdiest Grip During Workout. This Wheel Exerciser Helps You Strengthen Muscle Groups Including Shoulders, Arms, Back, Waistline And Abs