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      AB Crunch
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      • AB Crunch

      • Original price was: ₦1,420,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,320,000.00.
      • Ab Crunch is professionally designed to systematically aid in eradication abdominal fat and firming up muscles in the stomach, arm and thigh regions . It is structurally and bio-mechanically designed for intensive club/gym use. The equipment's rigid body structure plays a critical role in the machine superb handling. Specifications: Dimensions : 1270mm (L) x 1400mm (W) x 1700mm (H) Frame…
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      AB Crunch/Pullover
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      • AB Crunch/Pullover

      • Original price was: ₦1,620,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,560,000.00.
      • Ab Crunch Pull over is professional machine for building and firming of muscles as well as  burning eradicating abdominal fat. It is an abdominal crunch machine with an additional functionalities of a pull-over. Machine Specifications Dimentions: 1150×900×1200mm Net weight:101Kg Gross weight:121Kg