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      4KG Black Round Dumbell
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      • 4KG Black Round Dumbell

      • 29,600.00
      • This  features a pair of 4kg professional black round dumbbell pair which can be used for different exercise programs at home or in a gym. The dumbbell heads are made of refined Urethane(Rubber) material  for user safety and floor protection while the center handle is made of smooth chrome material for a clean grip. The dumbbell comes in different weight…
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      4HP Treadmill With Massager
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      • 4HP Treadmill With Massager

      • 440,000.00
      • This features a 4HP professional Treadmill used for running, walking and jogging indoors. This product comes with a lot of premium features like MP3 and USB with high quality speakers, Bluetooth App, twelve inbuilt exercise programs (P1-P12) automatic incline (0-15%), adjustable speed (1.0-16km/h) and an LCD screen to display time, speed, distance, heart rate, calorie and program. The motor capacity…