175CM Free Standing Adjustable Basketball Set With Free Basketball

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This features a well structured, good quality basketball stand with complete accessories and a free basketball stand. This basketball Stand is designed for kids recreational activities. It is suitable for kids within the ages of 1 – 8years. It can be played both indoor or outdoor. The Basketball pole is free standing with the support of a base. The Basketball stand is adjustable from 1.2M to 1.65M. This helps it to accommodate kids of different heights. This basket ball stand will be a perfect gift for your kids this season as it will help them to perform good quality exercises to keep them active and healthy.
No matter what the outdoor room can play, the space is unlimited, the installation is simple, and the portability is convenient.
Benefits of Basket Ball Games to Children:
Basket Ball games help kids develop hand-eye coordination while providing the right challenge level .
It is a great sport toy for kids to do exercise. It helps your kids to grow up with health and happiness It can be played indoor or outdoor.

1.2M/1.65M basketball hoop
Height adjustable:60-120cm/75-165cm
Base size:29cm
Board(Plastic) Size: 34cm/38cm
Rim diameter: 20cm/23cm
Basketball Diameter:12cm/15cmIncludes Basketball, Base, Pole, Backboard, Ring, Net

Package Includes:
1x Basketball Hoop(With accessories)
1x Basketball
1x Pump


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