2-User Infrared Sauna(Infrared Only)



1) Model: SS-V200
2) Material: Hemlock or Red cedar
3) Rated Voltage: 110V-240V
4) Dimensions: 120*100*190cm/48″*40″*75″
5) Designed for 2 persons

Item No: FRB-1E5
Cabin sizes (mm): 900*650*1850mm
Power output: 1140watts
Power input: 100-120/220-240V,50-60Hz
Interior Wood: Hemlock
Exterior Wood: Melamine board surface on hemlock
Colour option: blue,green,natural wood colour,yellow,red,brown,white
Infrared panel heater
Digital control panel
LED Spot Lamp
6mm Clear Tempered Glass

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After enjoying sauna, you will find that you are relaxed, your body and brain is disentangled from the boring work and daily vexation. Tired, headache has gone with the heat. For the busy modern live, it’s a good way for you to relax yourself.

1) Removes toxins, heavy metals and harmful materials
2) Removes fatigue, replenish oxygen and energy
3) Reduces stress, promotes better sleep
4) Provides the same effects of exercise
5) Makes skin beautiful and smooth, looks young
6) Burns calories and weight loss(600 calories/30min)
7) Remarkable pain relief
8) Improves blood circulation, cardiovascular and cerebral system(corresponds to 10km jogging)

Features of Infrared Sauna Room:

1) Safe
2) Natural and green
3) Humanistic design
4) Comfortable
5) Easy operation
6) Easy for transportation
7) Effective
8) Easy installation
9) Luxurious appearance
10) Complete sauna series

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Weight 180 kg


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