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AB King Pro is one of the fastest, easiest ways to get the flat, sexy, and incredible Abs Along with a Lean Body! Ab King Pro targets your upper, middle, lower abs and oblique all at the same time for an incredibly efficient workout. With this amazing Ab King Pro, you will  flatten that stubborn stomach and eliminate love handles in weeks! The Abs King Pro is the recognized way to get superb abs and a flatter stomach faster and easier than ever before. The Ultimate Weight Loss Program. Abs and Weight Reduction by using only for 15 Minutes a Day. It’s all about improving your shape and your whole look by slimming down, losing genuine weight and firming up your entire mid-section. Buy Ab King Pro and see the great results at home No need to waste money on gym. Ab King Pro is the great Exerciser for you

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· Perfect for every fitness level.

· No more straining your back on sit-ups.

· The Ab king pro exerciser will keep you comfortable during your  workout

· Amazing 200degree range of motion.

· Adjustable Multilevel resistance, for different levels of fitness

· Easy to assemble & store for quick storage

· The Ab King Pro offers proper neck and back support, keeping you in perfect form.

· Fully adjustable sturdy frame, thick padding for superior support and a rolling wheel action.

· User Weight Capacity:  120 kgs approx.


· Just three minutes workout a day will tone your abs and help loose weight.

· Targets upper abs, middle abs, lower abs and leaning.

·You can do Basic Crunches, Oblique Crunches and Reverse Crunches using Ab King Pro.

· Working out with this equipment will increase your core stability

· Ab King helps you to burn calories while toning your muscles.

· The equipment causes dual range of motion, which gives the abdominal muscles a constant work out.


· BRAND: De young


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