Commercial Curved Treadmill





LED Screen.

Net weight 190kg

Maximum user weight 180kg

Product weight: 194kg

Time, Distance, Speed,

Calories, Mp3, USB cord.

Effortless walking, jogging, running.

Designed to improve and encourage natural health movement.

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The unique curved surface imitates the effect of running or walking on natural terrain. This also gives more of your body a workout, burning up to 30% more calories than standard treadmills. Keep track of your workout data with the easy-to-read backlit LCD display. View your speed, distance, time, and calories at a glance.

In addition to high-intensity workouts, the curve is also designed for rehabilitation to improve form and increase posterior muscle activation. There are up to four levels of magnetic resistance so you can adjust the intensity to suit your workout. The treadmill does not use an electric motor, but instead uses you as the motor. This cuts down on electricity use and your carbon footprint. It also means that you can control your own pace at will. Enjoy a gentle warm-up, or give it your ultimate effort, the Corsair is designed to keep up with your intensity.

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Weight 190 kg


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