Rowing Machine

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Rowing exercise is among the most effective cardio exercises, that helps you to burn an enormous amount of calories and working the biggest muscles in your body. It also helps you to shed up the fat around your arm, a fast remedy to flapping arm. This rower is ideal for improving your cardiovascular fitness from the comfort of home. A lightweight product, this rower is ideal for those new to cardiovascular exercise and features a tough progressive-shock chord resistance, which provides a smooth rowing action. This machine also includes a single rowing maintain with high density padded hand grips and a large, contoured smooth-action padded roller-mounted seat for comfort when exercising. Combine these features with a built-in computer that helps you keep track of your workout, and you have a great rowing machine at a great value!

FEATURES: Shock-resistant cord with single maintain rowing maintain for a more effective workout; Multi-function LCD display showing time, total rower reps, rower reps per minute and total calories burned; Roller-mounted padded seat; 20-inch seat range of motion from full forward to full rear; Can also be easily stored upright when not in use; All tools required for assembly are included. Max User Weight tolerance is 130kg

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