Smart Massager Set

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Main material body: PET resin gel
Pad: Polyacrylamide
Glycerin remote: ABS resin
EMS devices: 6 AAA batteries
Power source input: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output: DC5V 1000mA
Big patch: 18 * 16.8 cm
Small patch: 18 * 9.3 cm

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Six Pack ABS Workout is perfect for achieving your desired body. Its duo isometric bands give the desired six pack, flattens the abdominal area, promotes proper posture and redistributes body mass all while sweating the fat away.
Six Pack ABS Workout is comfortable and practical for any occasion.
Power technology material preserves body heat and stimulates sweating during exercise.
-PROVIDES COMPRESSIONS & SUPPORT: The Six Pack ABS Workout isometric bands shapens and corrects posture – providing support for your lower back by tightening your midsection.
– UNNOTICEABLE UNDER CLOTHES: The Six Pack ABS Workout fits seamlessly under all your clothes to give you the look you want, whenever you want.
FOR MEN AND WOMEN: The Six Pack ABS Workout was designed for both men and women wanting a more toned abdominal section


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