Smith Machine with Utility Bench and 40kg Weight

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Code: MS6101
Product specification: 220cm*200cm*218cm

Gross/net weight: 155kg/132kg

Number of packing box: MS6101, two boxes in total

Weights: 2.5kg (4pcs), 5kg (2pcs), 10kg (2pcs). Total 40kg

Features: the main frame and other important part are designed by 3.0mm thick steel plate, the main force bearing point are supported by pure steel shaft. Professional machine which is provided for private trainers. The Smith machine can match many parts to finish one shoulder side lift, barbell shrug, bar dip, reverse push-ups, T bar bent-over row, T twist, squat, etc. With the training bench, you can do sitting shoulder press, incline bench press, horizontal press, oblique press, etc. (Weight plate , Olympic bars need to be equipped separately.)

Independent dumbbell bench design

The dumbbell bench is designed independently and it can be moved at any time. Cushion Angle can be adjusted, they can be used separately. (Weight plate need to be equipped separately)

Independent Smith machine design

The Smith machine is an independent design which can be used individually, This way is convenient to use with training bench.

Standard Olympic Bar

Both sides with safety lock, can be added or subtracted at will, easy to operate. (Note: Weight plate need to be equipped separately)

Multiple functional assembly

The combination of multiple parts match with different training action, the muscles of the body can be exercised fully.


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