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This features a top quality portable steam sauna suit. This package comes with everything you need enjoy your sauna in the comfort of your own home! It saves you the cost and time you would have spent in visiting the Spa. Sauna therapy has several health benefits which cannot be over emphasized. People that have regular sauna therapy hardly falls sick . This is because the steam from the Sauna expels toxins from the body through the pores on the skin. Steam Therapy has no side effects unlike the regular Infrared. This package features a comfortable , adjustable and foldable seat. The Sauna can be assembled in few minutes and you can easily dismantle and pack it to save space. To promote good health, steam bath is recommended for every adult at least once in every 3-4weeks.Below are the health benefits of Steam Sauna Therapy

HEALTH BENEFITS OF STEAM SAUNA THERAPY Improves circulation.Lowers blood pressure.Reduces stress. Being in the steam room can also decrease your body’s production of cortisol. …Clears congestion. Promotes skin health. Aids in workout recovery.Loosens stiff joints.Burns calories.
HOW TO USE THIS SAUNASetup the Sauna Suit following the Instruction on the manual. Pour water into the Steam Generator to the level of the Mark (You can add any spice of your choice to the water. Please note that this is optional)Connect the Steam Generator to the Power Source (NEPA or Generator) through the power cord and connect it to the Sauna Suit using the steam hosePosition the seat inside the Sauna and sit down .Remember to Zip the Sauna to your Neck region. Bring out your head in order to breathe wellAs the water in the kettle boils, it supplies steam to the sauna through the hose.the steam passes into the body through the pores and expels toxins out of the body.Spend between 40 – 60mins inside the sauna and take your bath immediately to wash off the toxin.
INCLUDING-Tub tent-Steam generator-Power: 850 or 800W-1.5L or 1.8L and generate 60 min steam-Steam hose-Instruction manual


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