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Cycling is an interesting exercise. Statistics shows that cycling on an elliptical bike enables one to burn calories faster than on any other exercise equipment. Cycling on an elliptical bike does not necessarily require you to be in a group as applicable with Spin bike. This professional stationary cycling bike features a balanced pedal base which aids for easy cycling. The two outer handles allow you to exercise with both hands and legs simultaneously. This aids calorie burning and firming of arm muscles. The inner handle serves as a support for your hands during exercise. The +- Multi Resistance Adjustment Knob enables you to regulate the difficulty level of your workout by revolving the knob vertically. Using this bike is fun and engaging.

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Have you considered acquiring exercise equipment that will enable you exercise all parts of your body at the same time and achieve wellness without tearing your pocket, this professional cycling bike is the answer. A newcomer to the world of exercise enthusiasts who work out on an Elliptical bike will most likely explore it initially for one or more of the top 4 benefits listed below.

More experienced and even advanced indoor cyclists keep coming back for the same reasons.

Burn Calories and Fat Intensively/Weight Loss.  There’s no doubt that following a cycle routine for 40 to 60 minutes will burn calories and fat at an impressive rate. While every person’s body is different, the average burn is anywhere from 400-1200 calories per session. Your own body weight, level of resistance you choose, and cadence will modify your personal results.

Improve Cardiovascular Health. The sustained action of continuous pedaling at varying resistances will result in a stronger heart, lungs and vascular system. The latter is the network of arteries and veins that transport blood throughout the body. This is the carrier system for oxygen and nutrients as well as the system that removes waste products from the tissues.

Enjoy an Effective, Low-Impact Workout. Effective because it exercises and tones your core, back, butt, legs, and arms. No pounding or jarring of joints as in running. This makes indoor cycling an excellent choice for people of all ages and fitness levels. If you have been unable to effectively lift weights because of joint problems, you will find an Elliptical bike workout a great alternative. When you are fitted properly to your bike, your pedaling avoids the sprains, joint pain, and related injuries that come with lifting weights or other exercises that jar or strain the joints like running and lifting. An indoor bike also gives you the advantage of support for your back, arms and shoulders via the handlebars. As you increase your resistance and cadence over time, you will strengthen and tone your leg muscles. Your abs will also get a great workout since pedaling at a fast cadence with resistance automatically requires your core muscles to hold firm.

Progress at Your Own Pace. You determine your pace and resistance. You can set your resistance to any level you wish, including higher or lower as you see fit.




Flywheel System 10kg (12lbs) Inertial Weight 29.2kg (64.3lbs)

Resistance Range 1 – 8 Levels.

Stride Length 14″

Programs 24 programs – Manual, 12 pre-set training programs, body fat, 4 heart rate control, 4 user/create your own workout program.

Console Features Large-multi blue back-light LCD window display

Console Feedback Console feedback – Scan, Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, RPM, Watts Control, Calendar Function, Indoor Temperature, Recovery, Heart Rate

Heart Rate Hand Pulse Grips & Receiver

Net Weight 46.9KG

Gross Weight 50.9KG

Max. User Weight 120kg

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Weight 50.9 kg


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